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Millions of people around the globe collect things.  Some like coins, others rag dolls, third amass bottle caps.  With so much time spent on searching for and trading collectibles, few folks have any energy left for organizing their collections.  Hence, things get cluttered, hard to find and finally lost.  It does not have to be this way.


Collmate is a software solution that gives any collector willing to invest several minutes a week a simple way to organize collection and track their possessions.


Collmate is not collection-specific and can used to track anything - from DVDs to Chinese vases.  Basically, the program is a database that supports multiple collections.  A person can describe a collectible, attach its photograph, and enter any other information, like status, condition, date of addition, value, brief history and so on.


Since all that information can be exported (html, csv, rtf, xls file formats are supported), information about your collection can then be posted in the Internet for others to see or e-mailed to fellow collectors.


Built-in report generator lets you to create and print reports, item lists and collection catalogs.  A free Collmate Report Designer add-on will do the job of designing a report perfectly.


The loan manager instantly shows which items are on loan, who borrowed them and when they should be returned.



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