Basic concepts and objects

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A collection package is a file with the .cpk extension. Such a file can be opened both from the program and from Windows explorer (as a standard document). Each package can contain the following objects:




An item can be placed into one of existing collections or outside any collection. Each item has a set of properties that are used to describe it. Here they are:


- name;

- text description;

- links to pictures;

- creation and last modification dates;

- current status (more details);

- additional attributes (more details);

- history (more details).


In addition to the basic operations with items, such as adding them to a collection, removing them from a collection and changing their properties, Collmate allows you to:


- set the "loaned" status

- set the "returned" status

- search for items and so on.


A collection of items can contain not only items, but also subcollections. Important note: items in subcollections are not items of the parent collection. Each collection has the following properties:


- name;

- icon;

- text description;

- creation and last modification date;

- last addition date;

- a set of additional attributes used to describe items of this collection  (more details).


A contact is the name of a person who is related to your collections and items in the package. Each contact is described by the following information:


- phone numbers;

- e-mail address;

- ICQ Number (UIN);

- loan history;

- other text information.


Also, each contact has the list of items loaned to him or her and still not returned back.