Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Q:How to sort items in the items list?
A:Click on the column's header to sort the items list by the values of this column. To change the current sort order, click the same column's header once again.


Q:How to change collection's position in the collections tree?
A:To change the position of the collection in the collections tree it is necessary to press and hold SHIFT or ALT then pick a collection and move it into the desired place.

- Hold SHIFT to place selected collection into specified one;

- Hold ALT to place selected collection near the specified one.


Q:How to export list of items into Microsoft Excel?
A:Use the export function (Tools | Export...) to export desired list of items into CSV format. Then open this file in Microsoft Excel using menu command 'File | Open...'.


Q:I've created  my  own  collection template and I think it would be useful for others collectors. Can you include it in the next version of Collmate?
A:Send your template to and we'll add it to the next version and/or place on Collmate web site.

Note: The template files are stored in the 'Templates' subfolder of the folder in which the program was installed (usually C:\Program Files\Collmate\Templates).


Q:I want to send the reminding message to my friend. This message should contain the list of items he had borrowed. What is the easiest way to do it?
A:In the "Contacts" section of the package tree select the person you want to remind. Then execute command "Contact | Send E-mail | List of Loaned" in the program's main menu to create the reminding message. This message will be opened in your default e-mail program (e.g. Microsoft Outlook).



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