Collmate main menu

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The main menu contains all commands available in Collmate. Some of them are accessible to the user from the popup menu of  the tree of collections and contactsand the list of itmes.



New...                - Create new collection package

Open - Open existing collection package

Reopen - Open last viewed package

Save - Save collection package

Save as... - Save collection package with another file name

Close - Close collection package

Properties - Open properties window of package

Exit - Exit from Collmate



Data panels

Description - Show/hide item description

Image 1 - Show/hide image 1 preview panel

Image 2 - Show/hide image 2 preview panel

Image 3 - Show/hide image 3 preview panel

Image 4 - Show/hide image 4 preview panel


Set As Default - Set the current position of data panels as the default layout

Restore Default - Restore default position of data panels

Reset - Restore predefined layout

Toolbars - Show/hide toolbars



New... - Create new collection in current collection

Delete - Delete collection from package

Sort - Sort subcollections by name

Create template - Create collection template using properties of the current collection

Properties - Open properties window of collection



Add... - Add new item to collection

Duplicate - Create copy of an item in the current collection

Copy - Copy selected items

Move - Move selected items into another collection

Delete - Delete item(s) from collection

Check In - Return selected items back into collection

Check Out - Loan selected items to a contact

Go To...

Collection - Find an item in the list of items of a collection then show it (if the item is in the list of novelties, or in the list of results of search or in the list of the items which are transferred out of collections)

Contact - Find an item in the list of the items which are transferred to contact then show it

Properties - Open properties window of item



New... - Create new contact in package

Delete - Delete contact from package

Send E-mail

List of Loaned - Create the message with a list of items loaned to the contact

List of Novelties - Create the message with a list of novelties

Other - Write and send e-mail to contact

Properties - Open properties window of contact



New items... - Adjustment of the novelties' list

Search... - Search text in a package


Generate... - Generate report or collection catalog

Design... - Design and manage custom reports

Design Recent... - Design recently generated report

Export list... - Export current list of items to CSV and HTML

Import... - Import data to the collection package

Template manager - Open manager of collection templates


Backup... - Setup automatic backup properties

Language... - Setup interface language



Contents... - Show context help contents

F.A.Q. - Read answers to the frequently asked questions

How To Register - Read information about program registration procedure (On-Line only)

Enter Registration Code... - Enter the registration code received by e-mail

Send E-mail to Support - Send E-mail with the technical information to the Collmate support team

Collmate Web-site - Open Collmate homepage at WWW

About... - Show information about the author and the version of the program



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