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Main menu command: Item » Properties

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Use this dialog box to view and edit the properties of the selected item.


To prevent casual changes you can make while viewing the properties of an item, the [OK] button is disabled by default. To save changes, you should unlock the [OK] button by clicking the 'Lock' icon in the lower-left corner of the dialog box.


The properties of an item are divided into five groups. Each group has its own page in the dialog box.






The name of the item. For example, it is the name of the album in a collection of audio disks.




The name and full path of the collection in the collection tree.


Additional attributes


The additional attributes of the item are displayed in the form of a table where the first column contains the names of the attributes and the second column contains their values. To enter the value of an attribute, you can type it manually using the keyboard or select it from those already known. To move between attributes, you can use the Tab and Shift+Tab keys.





The description of the item is the text that can be later displayed on the panel with its additional information. The description of an item can contain hyperlinks.





This page contains four tabs. Each tab contains information about one of the images.




Each tab allows you to assign an image file located on the disk to it. This picture can be displayed on the panel with additional information about the item. Attention! It is only a link to an image file and not the image itself that is stored in a collection package. This link can be of two types: absolute (includes the letter of the disk and the full path to the file) and relative (contains a part of the path enough to find the file from the folder where the collection package is located). The type of the link is determined automatically depending on the relative positions of the collection package and the image file at the moment when the link is created. To create a relative link (recommended), the image file has to be either in the same folder where the collection package is or in its subfolders.




A comment for the image. This comment will be displayed on the image preview panel (under the image).




The path and the size of the image file located on the disk.







Determines the current status of the item. If the item has been loaned to a contact, an additional panel is shown. It contains the following fields and control elements:



The name of the contact to whom the items are loaned. To create a new contact, just enter his or her name into this field.



Determines the date when the item was loaned to the contact.



Allows you to set the status "Returned".



Reset the current "Loaned" status.



Item added


The date when the item was added to the collection.




The date and time of when the item properties were last modified.


Page "History"


The history contains all facts about loaning and returning the item. Click the column header to change the order records are sorted in.



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