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Main menu command: Collection » Properties

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Use this dialog box to view and edit the properties of a collection.


To prevent casual changes you can make while viewing the properties of a collection, the [OK] button is disabled by default. To save changes, you should unlock the [OK] button by clicking the 'Lock' icon in the lower-left corner of the dialog box.







The full path to the collection in the tree of collections.




The name of the collection.




The icon of the collection. Collection icons symbolically represent the most commonly used types of collection items (disks, cassettes, books and other).




The description of the collection. This description will be shown as a tooltip if you move the mouse pointer over the name of the collection in the package tree.


Creation date


The date and time when the collection was created.


Last modified


The date and time when the collection properties were modified.


Last item added


The date and time when the last item was added to the collection.



Image captions


The captions on the preview panels and the image tabs in the properties of items.



Additional attributes


Additional attributes


Additional attributes for items in the collection. The maximum number of additional attributes in a collection is 32. The additional attributes of an item are shown as additional columns in the list of items. Their values can be entered and edited in The item properties dialog box.




Add a new attribute.




Delete the selected attribute.




Edit the properties of the selected attribute.




Clear the list of additional attributes.




Move the selected attribute one position up.




Move the selected attribute one position down.



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