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Main menu command: Tools » Export...

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The current list of items (or the selected items) can be exported in the form of a table to a document of the selected format.


This version of the program can export your data into the following formats:


HTML (the format of Internet web pages). You can use any web browser to view documents in this format (for example, Internet Explorer, Opera or FireFox).


CSV (the format of simple tables with the "," or ";" character as a delimiter between its columns). You can use any spreadsheet processor to view documents in this format (for example, Microsoft Excel).



Use the following parameters to specify the data you want to export and the appearance of the exported document:


Export items


Export the entire current list of items or the selected items only.


Contact's names


Include contacts' names into the exported document.


Highlight status


Highlight lines with items according to their status just as they are highlighted in the item's list. Only for HTML.




The columns in the current list of items. To include data from a column into the exported document, select the checkbox next to the corresponding column name.



Additional export options:


Open created document


Open the exported document.