Collmate 1.36.0 - April 5, 2007

 New features:

   - Automatic backup of collection packages (To adjust backup
     parameters click Tools -> Options -> Backup.. in main menu).

   - Importing list of files or folders to the item description.

   - The loan history of item in a report or collection catalog.
     See Sample 4.   


   - Dropdown menu for the "Report" tool button has been added.

   - An ability to quick open recent generated report in the report
     designer was added (Tools -> Reports -> Design Recent... or
     through drop down menu of the "Report" tool button).

   - The STRTONUMERIC function has been implemented in report
     generator. This function tries to extract a numeric value from
     any given string. See the report generator manual for detailed

   - The program context help system and the report generator
     manual has been converted to HTML Help format to be viewed
     under Microsoft Windows Vista.


   - The problem with formatting of contact information has been

   - Minor fixes.

 Collmate 1.35.0 - December 12, 2006

 New features:

   - Support for wide range of image formats.
     Complete list of supported formats are:
       CompuServe GIF images (.gif)
       Portable network graphic images (.png)
       JPEG images (.jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .jfif)
       Tagged Image File Format (.tif, .tiff)
       Standard Windows bitmap images (.bmp, .rle, .dib)
       Photoshop images (.psd, .pdd)
       ZSoft Paintbrush images (.pcc, .pcx)
       PaintShop Pro images (.psp)
       Autodesk images (.pic, .cel)
       Kodak Photo-CD images (.pcd)
       Encapsulated Postscript images (.eps)
       Windows metafiles (.emf, .wmf)
       Portable images (.pbm, .pgm, .ppm)
       Run length encoded bitmap images (.rle)
       Truevision images (.tga, .vst, .icb, .vda, .win)
       SGI images (.bw, .rgb, .rgba, .sgi)
       Alias/Wavefront images (.rla, .rpf)
       GFI fax images (.fax)
       Dr. Halo images (.cut)
       Icon images (.ico)

   - Possibility to open location of assigned image from item
     properties dialog.


   - Automatically opening of properties dialog for duplicated item.

   - Minor improvements.


   - Minor fixes.

 Collmate 1.34.2 - June 6, 2006
 New features:

   - Catalan language is added.


   - A new design for the toolbar buttons.


   - The group copying of items are fixed.

 Collmate 1.34.1 - May 1, 2006
 IMPORTANT: All users of versions 1.30 to 1.33 must update the
 program as soon as possible.


   - Report generator engine and designer has been updated.

   - Predefined catalog templates are modified to speed up
     its processing and exporting.

   - Sorting/grouping errors in report generator.

   - Minor fixes in report genarator.

 Collmate 1.34.0 - April 7, 2006

   - Complete data loss while exiting the program. In versions
     1.30 to 1.33 can appear the cases, when the program exit
     leads to the data file deleting.

   - Errors while trying to generate report or catalogue of
     items with formatted text in description.

   - Minor fixes.

 Collmate 1.33.2 - December 16, 2005


   - Various problems and bugs has been fixed. 

 Collmate 1.33.1 - November 27, 2005


   - Compatibility and stability improvements.


   - Data loss while canceling exit from the program (for newly
     created packages only).

   - Saving the item properties in the item lists "Novelties",
     "Search Results" and "Loaned Items".  

   - An error appeared while trying to open the item properties
     dialog (in huge collections).  

 Collmate 1.33.0 - November 15, 2005

 New features:

   - Recognizing URLs placed in item attributes (Item -> Go to...
     -> [Name of attribute containing URL]).


   - Flickering  of  the  attributes  panel  and long delay while
     selecting several items was removed.

   - Saving data to the package file was improved.


   - Loading  of description and images hangs while doing a quick

   - Loss of the item description while doing a quick duplication
     of item.

 Collmate 1.32.2 (September 23, 2005)


   - Report generator engine, designer and export filtres
     has been updated. 

 Collmate 1.32.1 (September 13, 2005)


   - An ability to assign images for group of items.


   - Some minor fixes.

 Collmate 1.32.0 (June 6, 2005)

 New features:

   - Import from CSV (Tools -> Import...).

   - Sorting collections by alphabetical order.


   - Custom width of "Name" field for each collection.

   - Item list and collection export: exporting of hidden


   - Wrong search results while searching with "Whole Words Only"

 Collmate 1.31.3 (April 12, 2005)


   - An  error  "List index out of bounds (-1)."  appeared  while
     trying  to  add  first  item  into empty collection (only in
     version 1.31.2).

 Collmate 1.31.2 (April 9, 2005)


   - The  drop-down  list  of attribute value editor is reworked.
     Now  it is  splitted  into two value groups:  predefined (in
     order   as   entered   in  the  attribute  properties)   and
     automatically collected (in alphabetical order).
   - Quick   Search   Field  clearup  during  another  item  list

   - The sorting of contact/item history is fixed.

   - The  default  sorting of Novelties and Loaned items sections
     is fixed.
   - An  error  "'xxxxx'  is  not  valid  a date." appeared while
     trying to send the list of loaned items by e-mail is fixed.

 Collmate 1.31.1 (February 26, 2005)


   - The deleted items no longer appear in the contact history.

   - Processing  of variables [AttrNames] and [AttrValues] in the
     report generator has been corrected. The empty attributes no
     longer appear in the coresponding lists.

   - The "List of New Items" notification has been corrected. The
     empty attributes no longer appear in it.
   - Calculation of the loan duration (in days) has been corrected.

   - English help has been updated and fixed.

   - Some strings for English UI has been corrected.

 Collmate 1.31.0 (February 03, 2005)

 New features:

   - History of the contact (the loan history).

   - Quick Search in a current list of items. 


   - The  "Collection"  column  has been added into the following
     lists: "Novelties", "Search results" and "Contacts".

   - Report generator engine has been updated. 

   - Recent packages list (File -> Reopen) has been improved.

   - History  of item has been moved to the separate page of item
     properties dialog window.

   - An  ability to arrange the history records by any column has
     been added.


   - Collmate Report Designer: Fixed an error occured while trying
     to use "Save As..." command for a newly created report.

   - Fixed some language resources for English localization.

 Collmate (September 20, 2004)

 New features:

   - Report generator lets you create and print reports, item
     lists and collection catalogs.
     There are three basic types of reports:
     1. Simple table (flexible adjustment of table contents);
     2. Detailed catalog (more than 10 predefined report forms);
     3. Custom report (user-designed report forms;  examples are

   - Exporting of reports, item lists and collection catalogs.
     Supported formats are:
     1. Microsoft Word (*.rtf)
     2. Microsoft Excel (*.xls)
     3. Web Page (*.html)
     4. Advanced Web Page (*.html)
     5. Comma Separated Values (*.csv)
     6. Plain Text (*.txt)

   - Custom  reports  and catalogs designer. To design and manage
     custom  report  forms  you  need to install "Collmate Report
     Designer". It's distributed as a free Collmate add-on.


   - Now "My documents" is a default folder for opening or saving
     of the new collection packages.

   - New hot keys are added: Ctrl-U - loan, Ctrl-I - return.

   - Some collection templates are modified.

   - "Install Additional Languages" command  is  added  into  the 
     language setup dialog.


   - Incorrect  appearance  of  list  columns  "Status", "Added",
     "Modified"  and  "Loans"  if  the list contains more than 28
     additional columns.

   - Previous  search results was not cleared if nothing found in
     result  of  new  search.
   - The  contact name in list caption was not updated after it's


   - Brand-new program logo and icon.

   - New version numbering scheme.

 Collmate 1.27, build 44 (May 31, 2004)


   - Error  appeared in "Template Manager" while trying to make a 
     copy  of  predefined  collection  template or create new one
     (ver. 1.25 & 1.26 only).
   - Page  "Advanced"  instead  of  "Common"  was activated while
     trying to open attribute properties dialog (ver. 1.26 only).

 Collmate 1.26, build 43 (May 24, 2004)


   - Protection  against  removing  temporary files created while 
     using  program. Removing these files cause unrecoverable loss
     of all the item descriptions and histories.

   - Correct  display of collection package file path and name in
     case of opening package from the Windows shell (Explorer and


   - Value of the "Loans" counter did not decrease if the "Loaned" 
     status was canceled by user.

   - Error message appeared in version 1.25 while trying to modify
     properties of group of items.

 Collmate 1.25, build 41 (May 18, 2004)


   - Problems with "Item properties" and "Template manager" dialog
     appearance while using large font scheme.

   - Inability  to change the size of attributes area at the item
     description panel while using large font scheme.

   - Problems with context help appearance on some systems.

 Collmate 1.24, build 38 (March 28, 2004)  

 New features:

   - Possibility  to  assign  up  to  4  images  for each item in
     the collection. Also it is possible to enter a short comment
     for  each  image, which comment will be displayed under this
     image in the preview panel.

   - Possibility  to  enter  unique  captions  for images in each
     single collection.

   - Now  it is possibile to modify the date of addition for each
     item in the collection.

   - The item details panel is completely redesigned.  This panel
     is  splitted  into the several panels. Now it is possible to
     adjust  visibility  and placement of each panel.  Additional
     options can be found at "View | Data panels" menu.

   - The export of the items lists into HTML is improved. Now the
     columns' alignment in the exported document is reflected.

 Collmate 1.20, build 34 (December 1, 2003)

 New features:

   - Collections' templates. To create a new collection now it is
     possible to  use  predefined  or  user-defined  templates of
     collections.  The  manager  of templates  (Tools -> Template
     Manager)  lets  you  to  create  and   manage   user-defined
     templates of collections.  Also  it  is  possible  to create
     templates from existing collections.
     There  is a set  of  predefined templates  for the following
     collections in this version: Books, Coins, Games, Audio CDs,
     Stamps, Video(DVD, MPEG4, VHS).

   - Collection creation wizard.

   - "Other attributes" panel. This  panel is located in the item
     details area of a main window.It contains all the attributes
     which are not displayed in the list of items.

   - Prevention of casual changes while viewing properties of the
     item (collection, contact).  To save changes it is necessary
     to  unlock 'OK'  button  by clicking 'Lock' icon in the left
     bottom corner of the properties dialog.

   - Possibility to create and send to a contact the message with
     a list of new items.

   - Possibility to create and send to a contact the message with
     a list of the items loaned to this contact.

   - The following operations has been speeded up:
     a) Opening the collection package is 100-150(!) times faster
     b) Saving a collection package is 10-15 times faster now;
     c) Searching  of  the  item description is 5-10 times faster

   - Item's attributes editor is reworked.

   - Possibility  to  change  size  of  a  dialog  window of item
     properties is added.

   - Support for the "read only" packages is added.

   - Problems diagnostics at package opening is improved.


   - Bug appeared while copying (moving) items into "Collections"
     (root) folder:  this  folder  can't  contain  the additional
     attributes,but they can be added into it by copying (moving)

   - Bug  appeared after creation of a new collection: caption of
     the  list of  items  and contents of item details panel were
     not updated.

   - Incorrect  applying of a password while creating new package
     is fixed.

   - Disappearing  of  the  collections tree and the item details

   - Main menu has been reconfigured.

   - Font in the item's properties dialog window is fixed.


   - Possibility  to  create  and  send  e-mail  message  to  the
     program's technical support team.

 Collmate 1.12, build 24 (October 15, 2003)


   - Fixed bug appeared while correcting properties of an item in
     the collections with a hidden attributes.

 Collmate 1.11, build 23 (October 2, 2003)

 New features:

   - New icons for collections are added.

   - Some optimization and improvements are done. 

   - Toolbar icons are slightly changed.


   - Main window status bar localization bug fixed.

 Collmate 1.10, build 20 (September 9, 2003)

 New features:

   - New interface languages are added: French. 

   - Copying of items. 

   - Moving of items between collections. 

   - An  ability to duplicate item in the collection. In the next
     beta-versions  the  copying  and  moving  of  items  will be

   - New properties of additional attribute are added: 
     List of default values;
     Inherit to a new children collections;
     Show in 'Name' column (in non-collection lists);
     Show attribute column in list of items;
     Alignment of attribute column in list of items;
     Font color of attribute column in list of items;
     Background color of attribute column in list of items.

   - Formatting  of  the  text  of  the item description. List of
     available  commands in description editor: Cut, Copy, Paste,
     Delete,   Select   All,  Undo  (multilevel),  Bold,  Italic,
     Underline, Strikeout, Select Font, Align Left, Align Center,
     Align  Right,  Reset format, Save as, Load, Print. All these
     commands  are  accessible  from  the  panel of tools and the
     context popup menu of the editor of the item description.

   - Loading  item  description  from  and  saving  to  RTF  text

   - 'Red  person'  icon  for  those contacts, how has items from
     your collections.

   - Cancel button for "Transferred to" status. 

   - Automatic opening of last or new collection package at start
     up of the program.

   - Commands 'Check In' and 'Check Out' are added in to the main
     menu  and  the  context  popup menu of the list of items. As
     before    they   can   be   performed,   using   combination
     Alt+drag-n-drop or through a window of properties of an item
     (or group of items).

   - Context  popup  menu  and hot keys in the list of additional
     attributes in a window of collection properties.

   - Storing  of  last  directory,  the  image  from  which  were
     appointed  during  the  current  session  of  work  with   a
     collection package.


   - 'Check  In'  and  'Check  Out'  commands can be performed by
     using drag'n'drop with holded Alt key.

   - Dialog of item properties has been modified. The description
     and a picture are placed on different pages.

   - Resorting  after  change  of  a set of collection attributes
     (after  the  change  of the order or hiding of attributes in
     the item list).

   - Reflection  of  a  sorting direction in "Novelties", "Search
     results" and "Contacts".

   - Appearance  of  the  grid of attributes in a item properties
     dialog window.

   - Controlling  of  the  grid  of  item  additional  attributes
     values. Now Tab/Shift+Tab and Ctrl+Up/Ctrl+Down are used for
     moving  on  attributes.  Alt+Down and Up/Down are used for a
     selecting of values from list.


   - Fixed  highlighting  of column on which the list of items is

   - The  bug  bringing outflow of system resources is corrected.
     Versions  with this bug is: 1.02.012 (release) and is later.
     Necessary   conditions:   a)  execution  of  Collmate  under
     Windows95/98/ME;  b)  active scrolling of the item list of a
     collection in which there are items with a 'Transferred' and
     'Private'   status.   Consequences   of   a  bug:  crash  of
     operational system to reset.

   - Incorrect  change of the order of attributes columns in case
     of added attribute located first.

   - An  error 'Cannot focus...' is corrected.This error appeared
     if setting the status of group of items to 'Transferred' and
     when pressing 'Ok' without the entering of contact name.

   - Clearing  of  description  viewer  at  closing of collection


   - The toolbar "Collections and contacts" removed.

 Collmate 1.02, build 12 (June 1, 2003)

 New features:

   - Windows XP Themes support is implemented. 

   - New interface languages are added: German and Ukrainian. 

   - An  ability  to move a collection in a tree of a collections
     using drag'n'drop:
     Hold SHIFT to place selected collection into specified;
     Hold ALT to place selected collection near to specified.

   - "Owner's e-mail" in a properties of package. 

   - Dropdown  button  'Reopen'  is added into toolbar 'Files' in
     main window .

   - Context  popups with standard edit commands (Copy,Paste,...)
     are  applied  to  editors  and  viewers  of  description  of
     collection, item and information of contact.

   - Highlight contacts which have items at present. 

   - Highlight column on which the list of items is ordered. 

   - An ability to open exports' results. 

   - Hot keys Ctrl+S, Ctrl+N, Ctrl+O.

   - Interface look of all dialog windows is slightly corrected. 

   - Optimization of HTML export. 

   - Autoselection of collection while expanding or collapsing is

   - Flickering  of  the  main window during its size changing is
     reduced a lot.


   - Bug  at  transferring  group  of items to new contact in the
     items group properties dialog.

   - Exception  at opening 'Reopen' submenu in main menu (in some

   - ESC,  Ctrl+TAB, Ctrl+Shift+TAB in a "Item description" input

   - ESC  in  a  "Description"  input  field  of  the  collection
     properties window.

   - ENTER in a dialog window at opening a package of collections
     from Windows Shell.

   - Displaying "&" in the collection name. 

   - Problem  with  updating  the  data  in the panel of the item

   - Small bugs. 

   - Hot keys handlers in the password dialog window. 

   - Hot   keys  handlers  in  the  item  properties,  collection
     properties and contact properties window.

   - ESC   in  the  "Information"  input  field  of  the  contact
     properties window.

   - Mistakes in .lng files.   

 Collmate 1.01, build 8 (April 15, 2003)

 New features:

   - New   interface   languages   are  added:  Byelorussian  and

   - Optimization of HTML export.


   - Eliminating  "garbage  in  some dialogs" problem appeared on
     several locales.
   - Problems with English text in some dialogs. 

   - Incorrect  states  of  buttons "Go to collection" and "Go to
     contacts" in some cases.

   - Small bugs.

 Collmate 1.00, build 7 (March 4, 2003)

   ! First public release.