Searching for items

Main menu command: Tools » Search...

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The search allows you to find items that contain the text string you specify.


To start searching, you should enter the text you want to find and then press Enter or click the [OK] button. In case there are any matches, the program will automatically open the list of search results. You can sort the list of search results and specify some additional options.


Use the following control elements to define additional search conditions





The search scope can be defined as:


the current collection;

the current collection and its subcollections;

all collections.


Use the following checkboxes to define the search scope and conditions more precisely:


In names of items


Search the names of items.


In additional attributes


Search the additional attributes of items.


In descriptions


Search the text description of items.


In image comments


Search the image comments and links to image files.







If this option is on, the search is case-sensitive.


Whole words only


Searches for whole words only. (With this option off, the search string might be found within longer words.)


Clear search results before a new search


Clear the previous search results before starting a new search.



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