Automatic backup properties

Main menu command: Tools » Options » Backup...

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Automatic backup of collection package avoids loss of data as in case of unnecessary changes made by user or as a result of system failures and disc damages.


To restore a collection package from one of its backups you should copy this backup file from The Backup Storage to the My Documents folder and open it in a program as ordinary collection package. No special restore procedures are required - just copy.


The following settings let you to tune up the automatic backup strategy.


Perform automatic backup of packages


Turn on and off automatic backup of collection packages.


Backup frequency


Determines how often the backup will be performed.


Backup files folder


The folder for storing backups.


Number of backup copies to keep


Determines how much backup copies will be stored for every collection package. The oldest copies will be deleted first.



Warning! The images assigned to the items will not be backed up! Please take care of them by yourself.